Global Sulayr Service S.L. is a Spanish young company dedicated to recycling of multilayer PET that emerged from the research and development of an innovative technology, unique in the world, allowing obtaining RPET (Recovered Polyethylene Terephthalate ) from complex layer, a byproduct generated by the extrusion, thermoforming and packaging industries. Thanks to its activity, it is possible to incorporate revalorized PET to the production cycle and reuse it for manufacturing transparent packages.

Sulayr Global Service S.L. es una compañía española que se dedica al reciclaje del PET MULTICAPA; una empresa joven surgida de la investigación y desarrollo de una tecnología innovadora, única en el mundo, que logra obtener RPET (Polietilen Tereftalato Recuperado) a partir de la lámina compleja, subproducto de las industrias de extrusión, termoconformado y envasado.

El resultado de su actividad permite la reincorporación del PET, en este caso, recuperado, al ciclo de producción, permitiendo su uso en la fabricación de envases transparentes.



Andaltec is a National Technological Centre, established as a non-profit-making private foundation, dedicated to carrying out R & D (and Innovation) projects and providing Advanced Technology Services in the plastics sector and related industries.  Its main purpose is to improve competitiveness of companies operating in the plastics and plastic proccessing sectors, and to strenghthen the economy through research, technological development and innovation.

The organization is made up of a work team of 100 professionals with very varied technical specialization including doctors, engineers, chemists and physicists; experts in the field of polymers and with deep knowledge of the industry reality that provide suitable solutions adapted to the needs of companies.

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SULAYR GT is a recently established company, subsidiary of SULAYR GLOBAL SERVICE (SULAYR GS) in Central Europe. The aim of SULAYR GT is to access the recycling market of multilayer packaging in Eastern and Central Europe, geographically approaching production centers. It was created both to reduce the logistics and transport costs related to the market of packaging recycling and as an opportunity to exploit a raw material whose recovering can currently only be made by applying the SULAYR GS technology



The Foundation for the Agriculture Auxiliary Technologies is a non-profit private entity composed of more than 120 companies related to the industry and auxiliary services of  agriculture. In March 2007 it was recognised as Andalusian Technological Centre of the Agriculture Auxiliary Industry by the Regional Ministry of Innovation, Science and Entreprise. Furthermore, it is recognized as Technological Centre at the national level (registration number 125) and Centre of Support for Technological Innovation (registration number 10) in the Directory of Technological Centres and Support Centres for Technological Innovation of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Its mission is to give value and to promote innovation and technological development so as to foster competitiveness of the companies operating within the sector of the agriculture auxiliary industry at the international level and with the collaboration of all the agents involved in the process