Environmental results

  • Use of an innovative methodology allowing managing and recycling of plastic multilayer packages of industrial and post-consumption origin.
  • PVC recycling for multilayer packaging manufacturing: the rPack2L project expects to increase reuse of PVC from multilayer packages for manufacturing of rigid multilayer by co-extrusion. Currently there is no recycling of raw materials in the multilayer market, so any sort of integration will be valuable both environmentally and economically. It is expected to obtain a use of 20% of recycled material in relation to virgin material.
  • PE revalorization for industrial applications: since the PE obtained by delamination has no enough quality for reuse as raw material, it is proposed to use it in the agriculture auxiliary industry or automotive, as these sector use plastics as raw materials for less demanding applications. It is also foreseen its valorization as fuel for energy valorization (incineration) or sanitary landfills in case the product is not good enough for recycling.   Pyrolysis shall only be considered for non-usable plastic waste that may be found, and it is not considered to be a main objective of this project.

Technological results

  • Demonstration of the PVC/PE packages delamination process at the semi-industrial scale.
  • Identification of the best conditions for operation and optimization of the process by adjustment to the most profitable specifications from the environmental and economic perspective.

Social results

  • Catalogue of good practices on recycling and reuse of multilayer packages.
  • Public access to database generated through the project website.
  • Incorporation of recycling and reusing practical experiences to Integrated Systems of Packages Management.

Economic and financial feasibility studies of the optimal solutions of the project

  • Study of the PVC/PE packages lifecyle. The LCA methodology will provide with a complete analysis of wastes in different scenarios so as to assess the implementation of the technology at the European level and its effects.
  • Accessible market to recycled products (PVC and PE). Enough information will be obtained so as to determine the necessary logistics for implementation of a commercial treatment plant. This way it will be possible to establish the impact at the transport level and the operational scope of the plant with respect to the waste origin.